Starting off a new book idea with some endpapers, definitely got my priorities straight
Over the moon that I’ve been shortlisted for the Macmillan Book Prize this year! Here are some finished spreads from the children’s story I submitted, ‘The Moose and the Goose’
So she chased him and squawked with her temper ablaze,"You’re a moose who’s no use with your daydreaming ways!I will bring you some tea and some crumpets but please, You must put right the damage you’ve done to my peas!”
Endpapers for ‘The Moose and the Goose’
Another revised spread for ‘The Moose and the Goose’
World War I Poster
Character design for a picture book I’m working on

Re-working the illustrations for my moose/goose children’s story. 
"The moose was as sorry as ever he’d been, 
And promised the goose from now on he’d be seen 
Every morning for breakfast and wouldn’t be late, 
If she’d quack every day at a quarter to eight”